What is Noble Hospital at Home Program?

Noble Hospital at Home® provides safe, high-quality, hospital-level care to adults in the comfort of their own homes.

Noble Hospital at home program is set to treat low-acuity patients that would normally have shorter hospital stays. For instance, patients who have mild congestive heart failure, shortness of breath, COPD, emphysema, skin infections or pneumonia, among other conditions. It’s the means of treating elderly patients who either refused to go to the hospital or were at such risk of hospital-acquired infections and other adverse events that physicians kept them at home out of concern for their safety.

The goal is to manage higher-acuity, higher-risk patients within their own home with hospital-standard care. By bringing clinicians, medication, equipment, and even meals to patients so they can recover from illness in their own comfortable and familiar surroundings. Patients may be identified for a hospital at home program from ER, by their primary care physician, or while an inpatient. Evidence shows that hospital at home programs produce better clinical outcomes, improve patient satisfaction, and reduce the cost of care.